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As some of you may or may not know, I like to play tabletop roleplaying games. One of the reasons I like them is that, since you're using your imagination, just about anything can happen. Sometimes good things, and sometimes (or often) bad things. Often depending on what mood the GM is in (usually thanks to the players).

So, if you also like playing rpgs and got any good stories abut something spectacular that you want to share with somebody, now's your chance. I always love hearing such stories.

I have one story about an adventure, in a campaign of several play-sessions. It's quite a story, which I've chosen to separate into three major points that I like to call, The Campfire, The Mountain and The Hole. Hope you like reading!
First of, we were playing a typical fantasy-rpg. Our band consisted of the Knight (typical plate armor-guy with a lance and shield and horse and everything), the Bowman (his thing was shooting stuff with a bow and not much else), the Witch (basically just a regular magic user, but with an affinity for dark dresses and always reading a book with a skull-symbol on it) and the Dwarven Scholar (me, basically I wanted to try playing against type since dwarves are usually burly axe-wielding guys, I also acted as the healer since I was the only one with any sort of skill in that).
Now to the fun part.
We had recieved our request straight from the king to go investigate a local mountain for an evil old hag who's put a curse on a village. So, without much further ado, we loaded up on supplies, like tents and provisions and all that, basically everything you need to go out camping in the wilderness.
Except for one thing.
After we'd been wandering for at least a day and were ready to set up camp for the night, we all realized that none of us knew anything about how to survive in the wilderness. Not even the Bowman had any ranger-like skills (he just shot his bow and stuff). Four idiots had just ventured out deep into the forrest without even asking themselves "Hey, does anyone know how to set up a tent?"
Did I mention this also took place during late autumn/early winter?
After some trial-and-error (and much cooperation, which isn't saying much since the Knight and Bowman kept arguing like an old married couple 24/7) we managed to get the tents up. Next up was lighting The Campfire. The Bowman takes the flint and tinder up to the pile of sticks wood we'd bought for this occasion and said "How hard can it be?" He rolls the die. He botches. Like, rolls really, really bad. Like "accidentally misses the flint and cuts his own wrist"-bad. I take it from him and give it a try. I roll the die. I botch really bad as well. Like "accidentally misses the tinder and jams the flint into my leg"-bad. The witch also gives it a try and "only" fails. The GM, his face in his palms, decides that none of that happens and we just light the fire. Also, no more rolls on simple stuff like lighting camp fires.
But we're not even halfways. Oh no, this is were we get to The Mountain. Y'see, we had to reach a cave a way up on the mountain. Luckily, there were some stone stairs carved into the side of the mountain. Quite peculiar, the steps went up the side to a small plateau on the right, then another set of steps to a plateau on the left, going kinda zig-zag up the mountainside four or five sets of stairs before you reached the cave. Easy enough, we started climbing the stairs, but before we reached to first pleateau all of a sudden all the stairs folded down, creating a smooth plane that made us slide down to the ground again, folding back into regular stairs soon after. We tried going up, even tried jumping as soon as the stairs folded down. We reached toe first plateau, but not much after that. The Knight actually made it to the third plateau by using his horse (!) to climb the stairs and jumping just when the stairs folded. We speculated wildly in our group about what could be causing it, many theories like it being on a timer to the old hag simply standing at the top looking down on us, pulling a lever and giggling like a psycho. After many minutes of trying and theorizing, a frustrated GM said "Hasn't any of you thought of looking at the steps?!" Indeed, upon further inspection, some of the cobbled steps had a stone that was a different color from the rest. We avoided them going up and behold, we got up in one try.
Now into the cave. We lit some torches and searched our way through the halls of the cavern. At a crossroads we could either go left or right. We went left, ending up at a door that led to a smaller room, containing a simple chest. Locked, and no one skilled at lockpicking in our group. But the Knight suggested that the Bowman could use his sword to try and pry it open. Que a long and frustrating "discussion" about how the loot should be divided, with the Bowman arguing that if he opens the chest he should get the most of whatever's in it, or at least first pick, the Knight saying they should share alike, the Witch demanding any magical items, and me going "Just open the damn thing!" After much back and forth, we finally got that sucker open, and the DM describes how inside the chest is... a rock. An ordinary, gray rock, about the size of a fist. After which the Bowman immediately shouts "THAT ONE'S MINE!!!" and another longwinded argument about who should have the rock, because it must obviously be something special about it, I mean, it was in a chest in a dungeon (the GM later explained how he'd originally put it there as a joke on the whole "Treasure chest in dungeon"-thing, and neither him nor I expected a fullblown in-fight over a god damn rock!). Long story short, the Bowman got to keep the rock "for now". Not much else, we went back and went the other way at the crossroad, coming into another, bigger room with big holes along the opposite walls. Spider holes. Huge spiders, the size of a large dog, crawling out one after another. The GM had added this encounter because he thought giant spiders would be a cool fight. At least, until he read a bit closer on the stats for them in the book. One of the words you never want to hear the GM say in these situations is "Oops". Apparently, one spider was Boss-monster strength in it's attack and health, not to mention we had to roll to resist fear (because, you know, huge damn spider). And that's just for one spider. We faced dozens. All of a sudden, the "ordinary" rock started glowing, scaring the spiders away while we still had some health left.
After that was the fight against the old hag. Nothing noteworthy, she levitated around and cast a few spells before we almost one-shotted her (if the Bowman could do anything, it was to shoot his arrows). As I said, not much to write about.
No that honor goes to The Hole. You see, on our trek back, the Bowman suddenly had to roll for his dexterity. Why, becuase he was about to fall in a hole that had been partially covered with snow. He succeeds and manages to crawl back up. Sadly, that's not the end. Oh no, the Bowman starts asking questions like "What's this hole?" and "What's it for?" And lo and behold, the whole game comes to a halt so that the group (mainly the Bowman and Knight) can discuss what the deal with the hole is. They ask questions like the ones before, coming up with theories why it was covered up (was it just incidental or on purpose, and if so, by whom?) and doing such riveting research such as looking down the hole, throwing a handfull of snow down into it (it fell until it hit the bottom, then melted after a while), and more looking. This went on for about one hour of real life game time. I'm dead serious. After an hour of questioning and theorizing (and me saying things like "It's just a damn hole!" several times) they finally decide the proper action;
We need to climb down the hole and see where it leads.
(Again, the GM had just put the hole in as something random, just to make the trek more interesting like "Oops, you nearly fell in a hole, better watch your step!" He didn't expect us to turn into a damn project.)
Down the hole we go. We follow a little path that seems to have been dug out by something... something which we find at the end, as we wake it up and it angrily creates a new hole upwards to get out; a "Tornödla". If you don't know what a "Tornödla" is, think a wyvern-like creature the size of a small house, with a big ol' head full of big nasty crooked sharp teeth, milky white eyes of a lunatic as if it were drugged out of its mind (they like to eat what is basically hallcinogenic roots that make you go berserk), and a breath that can act as a weapon. Literally, it's breath is so vile that coming within 2 meters radius invokes a fear check. This was the GM's subtle way of saying "Fine, you wanna make a big deal out of this random hole? You wanna go down the hole? Here's what you find in the fucking hole!"
Oh, and remember what I said about the spiders? Yeah, a giant spider ain't shit compared to a "tornödla". We manage to chase it away (or maybe it just got bored) using our new hole as cover. Needless to say, "The Hole" is a testament to over-thinking and time-wasting that our group references to this day.

And that, fellow adventurers, is the story of The Campfire, The Mountain and The Hole. Thoughts on this story? Your own stories? Anything is welcome, no matter how great or embarassing.
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